At Handing we have a large selection of both low and high pressure homogenizers , and of course we are always ready to advise and guide, on our homogenizers and all our other products.

A homogenizer is a high – or low-pressure pump equipped with a homogenization valve , which can pump the product through the eye of a needle in a high speed to crush, reduce and devide for example fat molecules in milk or other dairy products.

Homogenizers is a general term for equipment that can homogenize a product, depending on the product type, density , fat etc. the right model of homogenizer must be carefully chosen. In reality , there may be a considerable types and principles of homogenization , and it is important to get the right guidance in order to purchase the rigth homogenizer .

We also provide other homogenization principles, which can be found in the group Mixing,kneading equipment.

Especially the section ” Agitator Special ” and ” In-line mixers” contains a selection of other types of homogenizers .