Handing always has stainless hoppers and funnels in stock. Our hoppers are open containers with a 45-60 ° conical bottom, and comes in many different designs.

0-99 liter
100-499 liter
500 and up

If you want a larger funnel, you should instead look under the category Stainless tanks.
Once we have sold a funnel, then it defaults taken out and prepared for shipment in our own workshop.
A provisioning means that the funnel is washed thoroughly and checked extensively for leakage and / or other errors.
Changes and modifications of the stainless steel hoppers in agreement cunningly carried out in our own workshop before the desired delivery.

As an alternative to our used stainless steel hoppers can Handing also deliver new hoppers, which are produced in our own workshop.
These newly stainless steel hoppers can be produced in almost all dimensions.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Phone 0045-48160166 or mail [email protected]