The “Miscellaneous” group includes a lot of products, and is thus also a fairly large group containing a large quantity of different products. For simplicity and convenience, we have made ​​the following breakdown into the following groups within the category “Miscellaneous”:

“Incubators” containing the equipment to use for growing cultures at low / high temperatures.
“Conveyor and circular tables” contains bands conveyors in various lengths and widths as well as round tables, which are used by the accumulation of containers before or after filling.

“Screw Conveyors” shows a wide range of screw conveyors that provides vertical and horizontal transport of powders / granulates.

“Stainless steel tables” are either tables standing on legs, or tables to be mounted on the wall with or without sink

The “Miscellaneous” group is where you find all the items, that would not naturally be placed in one of the other groups.

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