Mixing kneading equipment

Handing has a wide range of used machines in the field which deals with agitators, mixing and kneading equipment.

We take great pride in guiding our customers when choosing equipment for mixing of wet or dry products.
This category with everything within mixing and kneading equipment is divided into the following groups:
“Agitators-propeller”: Standard propeller stirrer for either top or side mounting.

“Agitators-special”: Different types of dissolvers, homogenization and other intensive agitator types.

“Mills, granulators and shredders”: Various machines that grind, and shreds different types of products.

“Planet mixers “: Different sizes of planetary mixers are in stock.

“Cone / Drum mixers”: Various mixers such as cone mixers, rapid mixers, nautamixere, and butter churns.

“In-line Mixers”: Different brands of mixing equipment are all, in their own way, able to mix different products.

“Misc. mixing equipment and kneading equipment”: This is the category where the goods that dont fit into one of the above categories appears.

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