Plastic Glassfiber Tanks

Handing have Plastic and glassfiber tanks in stock in all sizes. The tanks have typically been used for wine, food or in the chemical industry.

0-1.999 liter
2.000-4.999 liter
5.000 og opefter

Depending on requirements, Handing supply tanks with or without insulation, and exterior cladding in riveted plate.
Agitator for the mixing of viscous material as well as mixture of low-viscosity products are sometimes mounted in tanks, if these can not be fitted, – the agitator is in stock.
With a constant stock of used plastic and fiberglass tanks have Handing good opportunity to deliver tanks with the exact dimensions and features that you are looking for.
When a tank is sold, it is default taken out and washed, and prepared for shipment in our own workshop.
This means that the tank is checked for leakage. Agitator tested, gears and motors inspected, bearings and seals replaced if necessary.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Phone 0045-48160166 or mail [email protected]