Before choosing your pump, you should consider which pump principle, are best suited for the job you want done.
There might be special considerations to the product.

In some cases, you may need an extra gentle pumping, or you may need to pump products with lumps. In any case, its important, you get the right pump to do the job.
Handing is always at your disposal , and will always be able to inform you of the characteristics of the different pumps.

The pumps are devided into the following groups:
”Centrifugal pumps” with the 4 categories Alfalaval pumps, APV/Pasilac pumps, Kolding pumps and
miscellaneous pumps.
”Gear pumps/lobe pumps” is the group, that contains the most common positiv pumps, mounted with gear, lobe or topwing rotors.

”Eccentric screw pump” often referred to as Mono pumps, with or without Volumetric feeder with 1-4 pressure stage.

”Impeller pumps” for pumping fluids, often equipped with ”Quick-Release” for easy cleaning.

”Hose pumps” peristaltic pumping with or without variable speed, and some performed as dosage pumps.

”Miscellaneous pumps” air driven membrane pumps, suitable for both fluit and dry products. Piston -dosage pumps for minor flow.

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