Separators & decanters

Separation of two or more products can be performed in many different ways, Handing always have a wide selection of the most common separators, centrifuges and decanters in stock.

Separation of a product often requires, the product to be treated several times to achieve the best result.
Some solutions for separators and decanters handle the product in a batch manner, while other solutions are designed for continuous operation.

Decanters which separates in 2 or 3 stages are often used, for products that have a high content of dry matter. Waste water is often treated with these decanters.

Disc Centrifuges are often used for those products, where the solids are lower, the typical product in this category could be milk / cream.

We also have baskets centrifuges in stock, and these can drain fluid continuously, whereas solids accumulates in the basket, til its full.

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