Stainless steel tanks

At Handing we always have a large selection of used stainless steel tanks in all sizes in stock. The stainless steel tanks have typically been used in the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry or the chemical industry.

0-99 liter
100-499 liter
500-999 liter
1.000-1.999 liter
2.000-4.999 liter
5.000-9.999 liter
10.000-14.999 liter
15.000-19.999 liter
20.000-29.999 liter
29.999 and up

If the need is a stainless steel tank with double jackets for heating or cooling, we provide them as well.
The stainless steel tanks are available with or without insulation. Outer cladding can be both with fully welded stainless steel plate, or the cheaper riveted cladding.
Agitators to mix both viscous as well as free-flowing products are sometimes mounted in the tanks. If not, they can easily be fitted into stainless steel tanks. We always have all kinds of agitators in stock.
With a constant stock of used stainless steel tanks of over 1000 pieces, it goes without saying that Handing is in a good position to deliver exactly the stainless steel tank, with the exact dimensions and features that you are looking for.
When we sell a stainless steel tank, we wash it, and prepare it for shipment in our own workshop.

As an alternative to using plastic and fiberglass tanks, Handing also produces and deliver new stainless steel tanks from our own workshop.
New stainless steel tanks can be produced in almost all dimensions.
As a rule, Handing, has a number of new stainless steel tanks in stock for immediate delivery.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Phone 0045-48160166 or mail [email protected]