Weigh fill sealing equipment

At Handing we always have many different types of filling machines in stock. We also have machines for capsules fitting, or labeling and packaging machines for various products. There are many aspects of the filling process , and in this context, it is extremely important that you get the right advice, to help you pick the filling machine that meets your needs .
We are of course, at your disposal with advice and guidance.

Filling machines in stainless steel, are often ajusted to specific tasks, and its only natural, that there are many different filling principles to consider, before choosing the right machine. Handing will be able to guide you through the pros and cons.
Capsule and lid applicators are often inserted immediately after the machine has filled the product into the package.
Handing provides both semi-automatic og automatic solutions, however you must expect som ajustments, to the new packaging and the capsule/ lid fitting too. Handing also offers this task.

Next stop on the filling line will mostly likely be the labeling machine. Handing offers full and half-automated solutions from our own stock. We also provide special solutions to difficult packaging such as labeling of oval bottles, on the front and back side, or top / bottom.

We also have counting machines in stock, which can be used for counting / dosage of products such as pills into pill glasses.
when it comes to counting machines, we have several machines to choose from, all depending on subject, capacity and accuracy.

Some products need scaling. Handing stocks all kinds of scales. We also stock scales, which combined with dosage machines are able to both scale and dose simultaneously

Once the products has been dosed and filled into the packaging, which has been proberly closed and labeled, you may need to pack the products, Packing machines for tasks like that, are in stock at all times.
No package is too big or small for us, anything from ampoules to tall pallets can be wrapped in foil or boxes.

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